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Bouncing Up and Then Down

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It Was Fun Going Up

Pretty scary coming down

I have been dealing with more aches and pains

I have ever felt in my life

I guess it is part of my family genes

Then maybe some arthritis also

For years I never heard my parents complain

I don't how they did it

So I thought I would be like them

Not say a word

Well, that is not making me feel any better

Actually I feel worse

If I say what is on my mind

I get it off my chest

Then move ahead in a direction

I chose

The years of my job and work are taking their toll

I am trying mind over matter

My body still won't let me forget

My right knee aches and this back doesn't want to straighten out

I thought we moved past this

I had a heart to heart talk

Now it seems my body parts are all ganging up on me at once

My neck joined in and is a real pain

My wrists don't want to work with my hands to grip something tight

Without saying Stop!

I said Stop!

That really hurts

So as I use an all natural lotion

To bring back that old body charm

I simply cover many of my body parts

Who I am I kidding

Almost my whole body with Super-Strength Blue-Emu

It works

Not so fast

At least temporary

I can honestly say no or little pain until the next day

If I am lucky the day after

So not much to report here

I am off to push myelf to the limit

How far I will go?

I am not sure

How long it will it last?

I don't know either

What I do know

Is it is worth a try

So may today be a good day for all

Then hopefully we will have some great things to write about

If not ?

I am sure we can still talk about the bad

Then before we are done

The good will come on strong and win in the end