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Bounce Back

Being resilient is the key to life. It determines just how strong you are to combat setbacks and how strong you are to come back.

Bounce Back

Would it be too much to say

That just like a flower that blooms in May

I blossom at sunlight

I flourish when trouble strikes

But most of all I bounce back

I am flexible as a rubber band

Harder than a rock itself

Yet powerful as I stand

So if I should fall it won't be at the expense of someone else

I have soft areas around the edges

As pretty as can be

But my drive and my strength run longer than a sea

So like a flower that blooms

I blossom with thee

I face affliction with grace

Overcoming an obstacle is like sipping my tea

I am always ready for the course

I'm the editor and chief running this source

No matter how much the enemy tries to destroy everything he can

My powerful nature of resilience won't let anyone stand the chance

So try it if you want to

But a woman like me can never let anyone destroy who I am

I am just too resilient for such

Just as I should, I don't say much

I speak when there is a time to speak

Listen when there is a time to understand

Ha, I bet the devil is going insane

Cause I got too many plans

He can't stop a woman as me

Cause I'll surely bounce back every time,, you'll see


Overcoming Obstacles