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Bottled Summer

I'm a writer, a poet, a dreamer. Born and raised in New York City. I now live in Daytona Beach, Florida. .


With every summer that passes,

I long to find a way,

to bottle up summer,

like a soft and mellow wine,

so that when the winter comes -

I can savor it again.

In the dark of the long night,

as the north winds howl,

I’d take a bottle of summer,

uncork it

and let the scent of it,

the warmth of it -

fill my room.

Could we bottle summer?

and if we did,

we’d be trapping the magic,

that comes with the season,

making it so ordinary,

that summer wouldn’t,

be special at all.

Summer needs to be free,

with blooming flowers

and dancing butterflies.

We have the memories,

in our minds

and when we release them,

we have summer once more -

if for just some moments in time.

No let’s not bottle summer,

let’s dream about it,

deep in the winter.

Let’s ache and long for it,

so that once the winter is through,

we can celebrate the coming of spring

and walk once more,

into the magic of summertime -

feeling ever so fine.

© 2017 Gypsy Rose Lee


Gypsy Rose Lee (author) from Daytona Beach, Florida on February 16, 2018:

You welcome, Robin. Glad you enjoyed this.

Robin Carretti from Hightstown on February 14, 2018:

This was very creatively done with the bottle how it was thought out great summertime read thanks

Gypsy Rose Lee (author) from Daytona Beach, Florida on November 23, 2017:

Thank you Michael. Warm thoughts of summer go a long way in the winter.

Yes, Verlie the sooner we get to winter the quicker spring will come again.

That is so true Jackie. Fill the room with summertime.

Thank you Patricia. Blessings to you.

DREAM ON on November 22, 2017:

What a great way to celebrate the beauty of a lovely summer day. I will take two cases just in time for Christmas. The weathers turning a little colder and all the signs of summer are now gone. Your thoughts will keep me warm all winter.

Verlie Burroughs from Canada on November 21, 2017:

Gypsy Rose, I could use a bottle of summer right now as the cold winds howl here. Looking forward to winter Solstice (exactly one month from today). A day to celebrate as we turn again toward Spring and Summer...

Jackie Lynnley from the beautiful south on November 21, 2017:

Such a great notion! It would be great to open that bottle in the cold wintertime!

Patricia Scott from North Central Florida on November 21, 2017:

Yeah bottling up summer would take its magic away but what a lovely thought....I longed for some bottled summers in the dark cold nights of South Dakota winter (although I did love the winter wonderland....for a time ).

Angels are headed your way ps

Gypsy Rose Lee (author) from Daytona Beach, Florida on November 21, 2017:

Glad you enjoyed this FlourishAnyway. Well that song no matter what will always inspire me. 1969 I turned 12 and couldn't wait to become a teen.

You welcome Terrie. Glad to hear it will get you through the winter.

Thank you Manatita.

Thank you Bill.

FlourishAnyway from USA on November 20, 2017:

That opening stanza in particular was superb. I’ve always loved Bryan Adams’ song, “Summer of ‘69” and thought it was a very memory laden song but then I was disappointed to learn that his year referenced not a memory but a certain ahem maneuver. I wished he hadn’t divulged the source of his inspiration.

Terrie Lynn from Canada on November 20, 2017:

Well done Gypsy I love it. This will help me get through winter, thank you. Very nicley done.

manatita44 from london on November 20, 2017:

Nice way of looking at it. Out of struggle comes great joy; the brilliant sun is charming, only because we have known the cold. One with a difference here. Way to go!!

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on November 20, 2017:

As the rain pounds on my window this morning, I'm thinking your idea has great merit. :)

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