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Bossy Lady

KnWettstein is a lifelong plant science nerd most recently a landscaper, She loves to write poetry and stories in her spare time.


She's a boss,

You follow because she leads,

You do as she says just like she does because you know she's got it the right way,

She teaches you, doesn't just tell you how it is walk away,

She makes you nervous but it's only because you want to do great for her,

Sometimes she drivess you crazy but she's the boss so you try not to let it show,

She can be fun but remember hard work is a serious matter so don't forget what you have to do,

You respect her not just because her title is boss, but because everything she does makes you all the better employee for her,

Slowly she becomes a very important person in your life,

Youwant someday to be like her or at least similar because no one else could really be her,

You might say I am crazy she's just a bossy lady, but sometimes the one behind the title is really so much more!

© 2018 KnWettstein