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Born to Win A Congratulations Poem

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We always put our best

In what life promises to reward

And like slaves on the highway
We are to keep cuddling our lanes
Light streaks at the end of the tunnel
Neon blue lights
That is the pride we wear
When a ribbon of the winner
Is wrapped around our neck.

Congratulation is needless to say
The fight you shown
From the first nine months
That you never saw the world
Kicking your mother's stomach
You had to win, a determination to be proud of
A good fight will sound pretty
As the last rays meandering
Through a dense vineyard
While fireflies flap their wings
With the harmony of a musical band
And when doors of a new dawn
Shall hinge back, let the gown
Painted on your body be the stream
For your admiring success.

© 2021 Joweda

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