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Born of Resentment

Poetry is turning out to be a very cathartic medium, I should do this more often.

Set the Mood


Is it better to live a lie,

Hide your tears when you cry,

Let it all pass with a sigh,

Embracing that the end is nigh?

Yet we see that it is not,

So I’ll call you an ignorant snot.

Strike you down without further thought,

In your lies you will get caught.

I’ll be the hand that strikes you down,

Bury you beneath unhallowed ground.

No one will hear you make a sound,

Stay afloat or else you’ll drown.

The sea of pain that I swim through,

Massages from me a gentle coo.

This is something you cannot do,

Just remember I’m stronger than you.

I’ll cut you down like a tree,

Strike the base you cannot see.

Laugh quite hard as you look at me,

On deaf ears falls your plea.

So you’ve fallen and I move on,

Looking toward a brighter dawn.

Enjoy being God’s latest pawn,

I’m looking at Him with my bowstring drawn.

For behind you he will stand,

God is nothing but a weak man.

He built his kingdom on pillars of sand,

And I find his defenses weak and bland.

I Don't Like People

In these mental states where I seem to be falling apart nothing could be further from the truth than saying that I'm just going through a rough time, because I am not. It is as if I'm sitting on a mountain that overlooks a giant lake, and the reflection on this lake plays the evils of the world. People are what I see here, their Gods and the doings of all, and it all disgusts me. When it comes down to it, people disgust me and their opinions even more so.

Woe is me, being in the grips of self-destructive behavior, let the light shine through only briefly and stomp it out for the sake of clarity.