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Boredom -an Illusion

The author wants to have a great way of living life to its fullest and be a good person in general.


If the singer thought,

I am so sick of this crowd

I am so bored of these screams,

If the doctor thinks,

my patients aren't interesting,

so boring,

If a person is stuck in a 9-5 job

and keeps cursing life

about how repetitive and boring it has become,

This is what you call boredom,

But if the singer

starts staring at each and every tear-stained eyes of his fans,

and hears We love you instead of meaningless screaming,

But if the doctor,

listens to his patient as he tells him how helpful he has been,

But if the 9-5 job gives him the rest of his peaceful

time with his family,

boredom will be nothing but an illusion,

you can't keep looking for adventures in every situation,

rather look for your happiness.


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