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Books, Rain and Me

Shibangi Das, currently pursuing her graduation, likes to write poems often and mostly she puts life into emotions and non-living objects.

One day my books asked me,

" do you love me anymore? "

I was shocked but I answered,

"yes, of course!

But why are you in doubt

and not so sure? ".

"Nothing! ", they said

& turned their backs to me,

This much anger of theirs

I've never ever seen.

But somewhat I gathered courage

And I further asked, "what happened, dear? "

"Nothing!", They yelled at me

And I ran out from there

Being very much feared.

The whole day

They didn't let me touch them

I was feeling too sad

Sitting beside the window,

When through it

A gush of cool wind came.

That breeze I inhaled,

Being the sign of raining

Briskened my mind;

Then it rained

And the tiny droplets sprinkled on my face,

Filling me with tranquility

Making me leave all my gloom behind.

"That's why I'm angry! "

I heard a voice,

And turned around

Wondering who would it be

And there they were, my books

It was their noise.

"You don't love me anymore

Rather you love those rains

And I hate you for this! "

Angrily they said.

"Upon their arrival

You always keep us aside

And god knows

On which nostalgic vehicle

You go on a ride!".

Hearing this I said

Getting very much overwhelmed,

"But I keep you away from the rains

Because I don't want you

To get harmed,

And I make sure

Your beautiful pages

Don't ever get damp.

The smell of rains

Are fascinating, that's obvious

For they take me to

An imaginative past

I wished to experience;

But when I take in your smell,

You take me along with you

To a whole new world

With a plethora of joyous experiences!

You both are never

Distinguished by me,

Because being drenched

By both of you

I never feel sad but happy!

The rains smell of diversity

Being a mixture of the waters

Of seas, lakes, and maybe even some drains;

But all enjoy it

Without getting it filter strained.

How amusing it is

Between each and everything

The people who distinguish

Every and then,

They're unable to do it

When it comes to rain.

You smell of a new perspective

Of each and everything

And a whole lot of emotions;

You carry within you a great change

That's capable of erasing

The crazy old notions.

You smell of preservation

Of things which

In the race of modernity, were left behind;

That's what makes me love you

You're sometimes arrogant

But then you're too kind. "

Listening to me

Both the books and raindrops smiled

And they got over themselves

A reddish-pink hue;

Seeing them blushing

I filled with joy

And shouted at the top of my voice,

"I love you! "

© 2020 Shibangi Das

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