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In My Heart:A Book of Feelings

Being a content creator,it is honour to work on this huge plateform about any aspects.I hope;my articles woud give you something more.

Sometimes it happens. While turning the pages of the book of feelings, life stops at a certain page. Totally unseen. Which you never knew existed there. You come across a point when you feel empty. No happiness, no sadness, just a wave of emptiness. Reason? You don't know. You just sit and stare at some random thing , roof or the sky. You don't want to talk. You don't want to hear anything. You don't even want to look around. You don't want anyone to ask anything. You're too tired to talk. You're too tired to even blink your eyes. Your eyelids seem heavy. You don't know what's going on with you. You don't even want to know. You don't want anything. You don't feel anything. You want time to stop. You don't even know if you're sad or angry or tired, you don't even bother to think. It's just too much to think at that point. Even if someone is mean to you, you don't show a single expression, not a single tear, not a single smile because it's all too much work. And your hollow self can't bear it. It's just too empty.......but that emptiness is so heavy that you can't flip this page to have a new feeling.


© 2020 Osman Ghazi

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