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Hopes of an Orphan

Sussan is a student with a love for writing about things that happen in our environment that a lot of people seem not to take note of.

All alone in this world with no one to call family.
With no love to receive and no love to give.
No one to even love or feel loved .
I had to strive if I knew I had to get what I wanted.
I would go to bed hungry with no idea of what could happen tomorrow. Sometimes drift of to sleep with tears in my eyes and no memories of my past or even a glimpse of bright future.
Lost in this huge world with no place to call home.
Wandering around the streets of Neverland in search of what I might never find.
Spent nights in the cold winters with no one to care about how pale my skin have because due to excessive exposure.
Spent days exposed to the scorching sun of summer and no one cared.
I’m subjected to all forms of disaster both natural and human caused.
I’m treated like I’m nothing more than a creature trying to survive through all odds.
Everyday I wake with unanswered questions;
Where are my parents? Who are they? Do they hate me that badly to have abandoned a child Like me?
Day by day I’m slowly sinking into depression and thinking of ways to kill myself.
This is not the life I wanted! Why can’t I be picked off the streets and receive just a little care from the world.
Why can’t my tears be wiped off by someone who could care for me.
I don’t ask for much I just want to be loved like every other child and be cared for like a minor I am.

I still have hopes for a brighter day, I believe something good is coming my way. I just have to wait and be patient.

Calm down, calm down, stay put.

That's all my mind tells me, you're going to smile one of these days.

Tears of an orphan.


Amanda on April 13, 2021:

I think it's a really nice article. It just really pours out the heart of an orphan. Orphans need a voice to be heard and your articles makes that known

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