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Poems of the Stone - Body for Rent

I like to read and write in the English language on topics such as society, politics, business, education, sports, and worldly issues.

They are probably two steps
But I am, however, outside
Which is also
Hand gloves and fabric faces
It is upon us
It cannot be expelled from the homes
Neither among the walls
The air we hate
It makes us hollow
And the sky that is becoming
Second sight
The road that is also a shirt
And the open that wears us
Our shadows are gone
Once it hit our eyes
If we are not shadows

Two steps
Give us our pictures
The rest of the party panic
That is still a circle
In the silence that is getting more silent
In a deep space
Kiss the virus in an open neck
Without anyone knowing
She is still barking
In everyone's faces
The crowd in front of the (stores)
Or attached to the announcement
Which needs a little blood
For body for rent

Because the sound that came out from under the rubble
It was no more than a rattle
And the shadows that have disappeared
We are still behind it
The virus alone
Just as it was born out of nothing
It bears a scary life in it
He wants us to be born again
It is only a game for the elderly
They want a second role
For the price of what is left for them
From misery

Two steps probably in front of me
And I will give them back hundreds of times
On the way to the stores
Or to my neighbor
As what is said in me
(To be inside me)
It is only this aura
Speaking in the absence
It is nothing but horror
Who speaks as a doll
And play with us as we prepare
Hours, spoons and balcony meters
We do not know when to apply the "one".
And where
On the table

© 2020 Hafiz Muhammad Adnan

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