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Body of an Adult, Spirit of a Child!

Emee.chan is a young woman, with a spirit that's free and unrestrained.

That kid still lives somewhere inside of you.

That kid still lives somewhere inside of you.

Don't be sad for the times long past,

They aren't gone completely.

They still live in our memories,

We remember them with a

Mixture of longing and happiness.

Halcyon Days

I'm here and I'm not at the same time.
My body might be here,
But my spirit's always wandering off,
Stuck somewhere in between.

Revisiting childhood places,
Taking in the nostalgic
Smells of Saturday mornings,
Waiting for cartoons to start.

That was probably the
Only time in my life that
I woke up so early willingly
On the weekend.

Playing with dolls,
Creating clothes for them
Out of any piece of cloth
I had lying around.

Sunny days spent outside,
Playing in the park or
Taking a walk while
Holding my mother's hand.

Bubbly and happy,
Not worrying about school,
Grades still not an issue or
The questions of my future.

Those were carefree times,
Still not stained by
The harshness of life that
We face now as adults.

Childlike innocence isn't gone,
Not so easily forgotten.
My body might be that of an adult,
But my spirit's forever that of a child.


Cartoon Network- My First English Teacher

Just as it says on the tin- I learned English by watching cartoons on Cartoon Network. Bugs Bunny and other LT characters, Batman, Disney movies, Tom & Jerry Dexter's Laboratory, etc. The '90's cartoons were my first English "teachers", so to speak. Time sure flies...

Merrie Melodies & Looney Tunes- Opening Themes

Louis Armstrong- What A Wonderful World (Official Video)

© 2021 Emilija Veljković

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