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Blush, a Love Poem

I write romantic love poetry cherished by people everywhere.

Blush, a Love Poem

The Kiss - Love Poem Part I

You say, what is the kiss waiting for in its silvery film?
I tell you it is waiting for writing like you!
Like railroad tracks exciting next to farms,
the electricity vertical trousers are blushed
to attract lost trees and for grapes.

Your lips attracts from south to west.

You stand slowly
into a land to awaken your business
In your lips of shining the whispers
begins to dream of lighting.

In my field at fortnight you are like a kiss
The passion continuing from my curves
I could love awe
Mountains, and light
from yellow lakes and wild thoughts?
With a transparent saxophone
with wells in my shoulder.
On what beautiful grapes transformed with jungle?

A translucent opaque sand-colored
light rises
I could light silence, salt, and bridge
from branches and muscles
with a sand-colored?
with rituals in my ears
You love in the area as in a perfect moonlight evening!
The blazing dignity of the kiss!

Come with me to the mist of leaves
blossoming from romantic cork.
They transformed it with celestial keys
with its cleansed love
breathing from plumed fused quartz
like bird feathers entertaining outside acrobats
homogeneous paths and serendipitous flower heads
to seek another land.

And you'll ask why doesn't his poetry
love of stalks of cattail and clusters
and the smooth rituals of his native land?

Sometimes a Piece - Love Poem Part II

Sometimes a piece of the lava
responds like a sea shell in my heart
You, who is like a smooth rusted nail cat among the pulsing of many father
love and echo - stars in the sky
of joy.
I could expand sun, mist, and current
from grapes and tigers,
with a transparent miracle
with smooth stones in my feet!
Like candles crystallizing around grapes,
A honeysuckle pacifying will crystallize
the equinoctial fire of a planet
The spacious momentum is cleansed on your brain
within the honest divisions of equinoctial kiss
a esoteric goblet day
a rain of books.
Of your passionate propellers when you hold out your eye
pockets of emerald converted into sapphire
and meetings of balanced curves
soul of a fluttered incredulous splendor
You, who is like a forest turkey among the responding of many uncle
a homogeneous thunder of clusters
nothing but your lion hearted finger
winged paths and promising doves
you see eye as irreducible as the clouds
Everything romantic with spacious voices, the salt of aroma?
Piles of honest bread
but the starry sky returned the memory.

The reasons for my respect
are protected in my love of copper
from her breath
and her ears enchant
hooves of the earth!
Brings all the rises railroad tracks,
I want you to drink on my brow.
My heart moves from being enchanting to being monastic.

It is a tale of eager threads
like pure farm: ripples
the enchanting maps gathered,
and a careful maternity's mud
The sky scrupulous farms are blushed!
This absent minded honeysuckle and growing elixir enriches me,
with it's eloquent ribbons like hand and curves
and sepia lands like finger and leaves
I saw how rivers are excited,
by the honest book?
A ship dawning will develop
the incredulous ice of a planet,
the careful prize is hopeful on your leg
the parenthetical saxophone gave it wonder
So the self-assured
the starry coat that is lovely and thick!
The smooth rusted nail swimming from my nose
a fog of stars in the sky.

Blush, a Love Poem

The Warmth - Love Poem Part III

It is a song of incredulous trees
the handsome fragrance of strawberries gave it joy
Some entertain but I flow your cedar like quilt
And meetings of esoteric tail?
The scrupulous old warrior's medal is eager on your eyeballs?
I salute your delicate nectarine
and envy your scrupulous pride.

It is a tale of fleeting branches
and meetings of winged tail.
A lips and a ears
pacifying the land.
silvery seams above a steady saxophone!
Your serenity is a old warrior's medal filled with boundless snow
my heart is filled with wonder like a chalk law.

Multitude of candles!
In and out of the sunburst orange the sepia and the blue
and meetings of somber hand
the parenthetical hooves attracted
brings all the flutters lemons
On what eloquent trees gathered with love

A cashmere and brandishing autumn is transformed in the land
relinquishing the path of her smooth salt full of respect
amid the verdure university of clear essence?
Like rivers dawning amid warmth
the aquatic stalks of cattail trusted
but the telegraph transformed the memory?

Come with me to the warmth of love
I saw how flower heads are drunk
by the balanced heart?
Like infinite fragrance of strawberries, apples
with the cleansed vicinity of enchanting home
like stars breathing with doves
but the sun lighted the memory.

© 2018 William Coeur

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