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Bluer than Blue

I’ve enjoyed writing for many years. I'm dedicating more time to the craft in my retirement days.

Bluer than Blue

Mr. Blue Sky is one happy guy up there with his friend, the moon.

Mr. Blue Sky is one happy guy up there with his friend, the moon.

I don’t have to miss no TV shows

I can start my whole life over

Change the numbers on my telephone

But the nights will sure be colder

And I’m bluer than blue

Sadder than sad

You’re the only light this empty room

Has ever had

Life without you

Is gonna be

Bluer than blue…

— Randy Goodrum (sung by Michael Johnson)

You see blue, you hear blue, you can feel and be and do blue. You can read in-depth about blue songs, too, if you check out Flourish’s great article, “87 Popular Songs with the Color Blue in the Title.” She wrote it some time ago, back when at the bottom of an article people could ask questions and writers could provide answers to those questions. What a concept! Anyway, thinking about that makes me blue, so I’m moving away from there and on to here:

Randy Goodrum wrote a song about it. Michael Johnson sang it, but Randy wrote it. And when I personally think about blue, when I’m feeling kind of blue, I think of that song. I also think of a recent podcast I listened to about a shyster who told his daughter he wrote the song, “Blue Christmas,” but instead wrote something even more meaningful and everlasting (an encyclopedia of folk songs). I think of Blue Moons and how rare they are, blue skies so high. Oy, cielo muy azul donde esta?

"Bluer than Blue," sung by Michael Johnson

Blue can be cool, cold even, like a clear blue sky on a frozen blue water lake when it’s so cold outside the snow looks blue. Like a glacier looks blue when it’s viewed from afar. You can see it’s melting, too, which makes my heart pumping blue blood feel so blue. Alas, what should we do? Greta, bless you, and good luck.

Or hot. Blue can be really hot, too. Like white-blue hot, when you spark an acetylene torch. I used one of those to pop air bubbles in the lacquer on a pecan live edge countertop my wife and I made one summer for our bathroom sink. The countertop was brown, though, it wasn’t blue. Watching the flame tip pop the little tiny bubbles was so cool, even though that fire was hot hot hot.

Or blue coming out of green like the Philippine Sea over on the north end of the island of Guam. Hafa Adai, as they say. Or the same exact scene on the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii. Shaka, hukilau, Mele Kalikimaka, mahalo nuy loa, aloha. Howzit, honu? Catch some ono grinds with me?

Or blue can turn to pitch, tar black like in the Mariana trench, where the water is so deep it turns colorless at great depths because of all the light you cannot see at such a great distance below the surface. What creatures must lurk in such a location? No need for eyes that far down, me thinks, blue or otherwise. And that makes me depressed, makes me feel blue for those who have no need for that particular sensor.

Blue's Clues Blues

Speaking of depressed: kids of the 90s had some cause for sobs recently. This crazy video of Steve from Blue’s Clues talking about when he went off to college was an absolute tear jerker. But it didn't just make all those 90s kids cry, though…my wife and I sat and watched it on her iPad a couple weeks ago, and tears streamed down both our faces afterward. Why? Well, when Steve came on Blue’s Clues that fateful day back in the late 90s and said he was leaving? That was not a good day at our house. Our son, who was 3 years and 3 months old at the time, cried and cried when he found out Steve was going off to college. Trauma in the drama, for sure. For him, the show was never the same; the world was never the same, really. It was a hard lesson for the little guy, but I believe it was a good one for him, in any case, tough as it was. So, here’s how this played out in a recent text message group chat when our oldest daughter, Sarah, sent Steve’s message to us all.

Sarah: “Must watch!!!!!!!”

Me: “Benjamin must watch.”

Sarah: “Definitely!!! I remember him being so upset when Steve left.”

Benjamin: “I just did.”

Me: “Well, seems like he might have figured out that you were pissed at him for going to college.”

Benjamin: “Very abrupt!”

As I said, it was a traumatic event, to be sure. And since this new video came out there have been many internet memes depicting teary-eyed 20 somethings as they watched Steve’s video “apology/explanation.” Steven Colbert even did a thing on his show one night that probably evoked more than one tear…

I can’t think of a nicer way to bring Steve’s departure full circle and to provide some semblance of closure for those young folks who all experienced that blue, blue day back in January 2001.

Mr. Blue Sky

As for a happier bit of blue: what about that Mr. Blue Sky? Even though I’ve always thought he was a “dirty rat,” (one of my favorite Mondegreens), turns out Mr. Blue sky is the “happiest song on earth.” Who knew? “Researcher Jacob Jolij created a formula to reveal the happiest songs in the world,” and found that “the happiest song in the world is actually ‘Mr. Blue Sky’ by [ELO], which has 180 bpm, [and is] played in the key of F Major.”[1] So looky there…blue can be happy, too. Indeed, it seems blue can actually run the veritable, proverbial rainbow of emotions.

Sun is shinin' in the sky

There ain't a cloud in sight

It's stopped rainin' everybody's in the play

And don't you know

It's a beautiful new day, hey hey

"Blue," a Poem by Greg Cain

My eyes are hazel
But they can see you
Dancing there with him
And then they turn blue

‘Cuz inside I’m green
Jealous I can do
I’ll just hold my breath
Until I turn blue

I miss old Ma Bell
And her presence too
The wood and glass booth
You could hide when blue

Pretend or really
Talk with friends, mom, too
Your lips move, you nod
No one knows you’re blue

Until you come by
Switch hook is in view
You see it depressed
And know that I’m blue

You knock on the glass
And I can see you
My heart’s a flutter
Your eyes are so blue!

Let’s dance, can we please?
I know I’d like to
If you’d just come out
And stop feeling blue

Yes, let’s do it then
I’ll come dance with you
Don’t laugh please promise
‘Cuz my shoes are blue

Blue blue blue blue suede
Just got ‘em they’re new
Was looking for red
But they only had blue

Blue works…
But can you twerk?

And as to Violets...

Violets aren’t blue

But roses are red

Since purple doesn’t rhyme

Let’s use blue instead


© 2021 greg cain

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