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Blue Skies--A Poem

Brittany is a self-published poet, blogger, freelance writer, and book reviewer who lives in South Carolina.

Image taken in Edisto Beach, SC by Brittany Benko.

Image taken in Edisto Beach, SC by Brittany Benko.

Natural Scenic View

There is nothing more lovely than a bright blue sky on a warm day. Many children enjoy laying on their backs on soft, green grass and forming an idea of what the clouds resemble. Maybe the clouds display a dinosaur while others may look like a simple ball of cotton or a fluffy blanket. Peace comes while gazing at the sky. My personal favorite is watching birds fly in a V shape while migrating, much like the picture shown above.

Below, you will find a poem about a beautiful blue sky.

Blue Skies

Feeling the sunshine from up high
Sunbeams caress my skin from blue skies
White fluffy clouds present images of cakes
Floating in blue skies over sparkling lakes
Birds fly in formation against a lovely pale blue
Soft feathered wings deliver a captivating view
You can see mountains and even planes
Flying slowly against blue skies
A white stork depicts its beauty by flapping his beautiful black wings
Blue skies are filled with majestic creatures who sing
I've never seen such a sight as a blue sky in natural light

Sky is Falling (Visual Poetry)

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