Blue RHYMES (Season 2)

Updated on February 23, 2018

In secret (Episode 1)

A beautiful day in the community.
Birds are chirping and kids are playing.
It’s even more beautiful in the night.
But somethings wrong this night.
A husband is found dead.
They find that he misled.
Misled his wife.
He was someplace that wasn’t right.
They find a guy on parole.
Who gives information worth gold.
They are led to an apartment.
But it has no one in it.
Before leaving, they find blood.
They call to examine the blood.
They find he rented a studio.
The husband was in trouble.
He was sleeping with the girl.
Once the wife sees the truth.
She asks the team to not do.
To not make it public.
While they find and arrest the culprit.

Welcome Back (Episode 2)

Solving cases is what they do.
They live to find the truth.
The truth about other criminals.
But this one in particular.
Hits closer to home.
They experience one of their own.
One of their own chasing another man.
But they don’t know he’s one of them. .
So they shoot and wound him.
Then see a batch with him.
The family is not thrilled.
One of their own was almost killed.
Killed by their very own.
A witness explains what happened.
She says that it was on purpose.
Saying that the shooter was angry.
Saw the cop and started shooting.
When really, that was not true.
Despite the hurt, they find a break.
Get closer to solving the case.
Meanwhile, Detective Danny.
Starts to feel a little guilty.
For shooting one of his own.
But he really has done nothing wrong.
After an investigation.
That conspiracy is proven.
Danny has been redeemed.
He is welcomed back to the team.

The Hostager (Episode 3)

Another day in the city.
Where crime is multiplying.
Three men plan a robbery.
That results in them getting nothing.
One of the men is shot.
He dies in a restaurant.
The one that didn't escape.
Is with the hostages inside the bank.
Danny is on the case.
Looking to find the one that got away.
Meanwhile, the swat team.
Has plans on invading.
Invading the bank.
But first, they try to negotiate.
Negotiate with the one inside.
Turning off the a/c inside.
Attempting to get the hostages.
The robber is on to it.
He's aware of what's happening.
They find the van.
They get their man.
Danny a great risk.
He saves the hostages.
He saves the man as well.
He's arrested and taken to jail.

Off the Streets (Episode 4)

Just another beautiful day.
When kids laugh and they play.
While the kids play basketball.
The three suddenly fall.
Two were shot and killed.
But the spot where they were killed.
Happens to be a drug hot spot.
They find a dealer.
They question the dealer.
He tells them of a gangbanger.
They find that their lives were in danger.
The banger was a rapist.
That kept his victims from talking.
That rapist killed the teens.
But is no longer on the streets.

The Next Day (Episode 5)

A male crew of painters.
Gets in an accident with strangers.
Killing one of the passengers.
Danny sees that it may be more danger.
After pulling some strings.
He finds that there is something.
Something they want hidden.
He makes a sudden decision.
To dig deeper into the case.
Setting his clues in a place.
So they'd soon locate.
Locate the man behind
The accident that the life.
Took the life of a stranger.
That traveled with a group of painters.
Danny gets another break.
A step closer to solving the case.
He had to leave his date.
But solves the case the next day.

Captured (Episode 6)

Two police officers.
Go to a church and is assaulted.
The men who committed it.
Are missing in action.
Meanwhile, the church's pastor.
Tries to protect the men after.
Hiding behind the community.
Conducting events illegally.
They get into the church.
Seeing the pastor at work.
They see the men that assaulted.
On a picture in the office.
The NYPD finds.
That the mayor is the one behind.
Behind the crooked reverend.
That’s hiding the men that assaulted.
Assaulted the two officers.
Before it ends, they are all captured.

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