Blue RHYMES (Season 1)

Updated on February 21, 2018

The Missing Dolls (Based off Episode 1)

A little girl goes missing.
In beautiful New York City.
Detectives Reagan and King.
Start investigating the kidnapping.
They find a doll.
Something that will help them solve.
Solve the murder case.
They hope to do it before it’s too late.
The doll is a prototype.
There are few of them that look alike.
They apprehend a suspect.
Who leads them to the location.
The location of the girl.
But there are problems beyond the girl.
Reagan’s tactics are questioned.
He misplaced key evidence.
But he’s still determined.
To put away the culprit.
He finds a case in Tampa.
Of a young girl that’s been murdered.
While having dinner with his family.
He leaves the table abruptly.
He finds out information.
That will lead him to capture.
Capturing the suspect.
Finding the girls that are missing.

The Gang (Based off Episode 2)

Meanwhile, a group of young men.
Rob a train a train. One is shot dead.
Shot dead by their leader.
Leading the PD to wonder.
Why the leader shot him.
They later find he did not shoot him.
He left on a park bench.
Just to bleed to death.
The man that really shot him.
Really did it by accident.
He turned himself in.
Then explained what really happened.
They then start searching.
For the leader of the robbery.
The guy that shot him was locked up.
In jail, he got beat up.
While he was recovering.
He showed where the leaders hiding.
They get to the location.
They then have him arrested.

Progress (Based off Episode 3)

It’s a normal night in New York City.
Where there is always something brewing.
It's either a party to a crime.
But this night it is a crime.
A woman is walking home.
Sees a car driving slow.
Driving slow behind her.
She knows that the car is after her.
She starts running.
The guy attempts assaulting.
But the girl survives.
Predators on the rise.
Preying on young girls.
The police save both girls.
They find a potential suspect.
That opens the door to progress.

Closure (Based off Episode 4)

There has been a heist.
That didn't end very nice.
One of their very own.
Will never be able to go home.
The men get away.
The NYPD searches for ways.
Ways to track them down.
After seeing one of theirs taken down.
The find that one has been shot.
It's not much but a start.
A start for them solving.
They then find a recording.
A recording that blocked.
Blocked them from seeing the truck.
They later get another angle.
They get a good look at the leader.
They get tipped off by an old friend.
That tells them the car they were in.
They find the car emptied.
But find a dead body.
Lying inside of the trunk.
They later find the killer.
The family is given closure.

The Device (Based off Episode 5)

The NYPD is searching.
For a terrorist in a building.
They obtain the terrorist.
But they find that he has planted.
Planted a bomb in the city.
The police are closely monitoring.
Monitoring where it may be.
They then get that it’s an SUV.
They later track it down.
With a woman that’s around.
Around many civilians.
That happens to be of children.
She sees the police presence.
She begins to question.
Question why he is there.
She finds out why he’s really near.
He saves the city.
Arresting her and saving many families.

The Supplier (Based off Episode 6)

One night at a party.
A man is introducing.
Introducing his friend to a new drug,
That results in them both falling in love.
The neighbors complain.
They call the police to invade.
Invade the home. They answer the call.
But find a few kids have done something wrong.
The kids are dead.
They try to revive the dead.
But saved only the girl.
They find that the kids inhaled.
Inhaled a specific new drug.
The team wants to find the drug.
Keep it from killing others.
The dealer is working undercover.
Undercover in a school.
The team searches to find the school.
Looking for its manufacturer.
Putting out all the stops to capture.
Capture the one that’s supplying.
Saving the streets from dying.

Silver Star
After Hours
After Hours
Family Ties
Little Fish
Hall of Mirrors, My funny Valentine, Age Of Innocence, To Tell the Truth, Model Truth, All that Glitters, Cellar Boy, The Blue Temptar

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