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Blowfly, a Miniscule Poem

John has been writing poetry since his school days. He was awarded the "Best Poet 2014 and 2021" Hubby Awards.


Inspiration is a Funny Thing

It sometimes makes me smile what inspires us as writers. At times, like this, I have a burning urge to write something but have no idea what. Sometimes listening to a song will do the trick, or just a change of scenery and walking outside will spark something. This time I was just perusing book titles on my shelves and came across "Blow Fly' by Patricia Cornwell. Well, the title just seemed to stick in my head despite all the other books I looked at, and so I decided to write this piece of nonsense poetry and call it 'Blowfly.'

Incidentally, 'Blowfly' the book by Patricia Cornwell is well worth a read. It's a Fay Scarpetta novel, of which I have quite a collection, and I can recommend it.


Buzzing all around the room,

Against the window pane,

Blowfly, you are quite a loon.

You really are insane.

I chase you with a can of spray

But you suddenly grow silent.

I hope that you have gone away

To avoid me getting violent.

Blowfly, you won't be denied,

As soon as I sit down,

Resuming your erratic flight

From the ceiling to the ground.

You're just a humble insect

Doing what you must,

For you, though I have scant respect,

I'll shoo you or I'll bust.


So, fly away and leave this room,

And don't come back you pest.

If you return it will be too soon,

To be rid of you's the test.

Blowfly, you can't beat me,

But there're many more like you,

And when you're gone I know I'll see

Another fly ... or two ....

... or three ...

Author's Note

I called this piece of writing 'nonsense poetry,' but in actual fact, it could be a social commentary representing annoying people in our lives, or things we don't like but have trouble ridding ourselves of. Things like bills that keep piling up and for every one you pay you just keep getting more.

I'll leave it up to the reader to put their own interpretation to it.

Thanks for reading.


© 2018 John Hansen

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