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What You should never forget in long distance relationships

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Sara is a writer and Civil Engineer. She lives in Pakistan. Her vision is to spread optimistic thoughts, hope, patriotism, and motivation.


Blossom, Blossom! Autumn's on the way,

No more cheering and no more flourishing,

Time to say good-bye to everyone out there,

The cracking of autumn leaves replaces you,

The month of remembering old memories is coming soon,

The season of autumn reminds me old friends of my childhood,

Every season was the season of joy, excitement, and friendship,

No traces of sadness and grief,

Playing under the shade of a tree and enjoy that cracking sound of dry leaves,

Index finger and next to that one showing the sign of unity and love for us,

Eating sour grapes and narrating jungle book stories to each other,

Now,……As we grow up,

The entire world seemed to be changed,

Busy, Lack of Time, Long Distances, Status, Money, Job…

These all became barriers in our friendship,

I want to bring back those childhood days,

When we all friends make a ship from paper,

And singing row, row, row, your boat, Gently down the stream,

When we used to share even our school lunch,

Isn't it possible to bring those colorful, energetic, lively days,

I always keep those memories in my heart,

Autumn reminds me every time when I saw gloominess on trees,

Those moments were precious and I missed them,

There is still hope,

Hope eradicates darkness

Gives bring shining light in the time of sorrow

I have Hope

To meet again, to smile again with my old friends

We all be united soon no matter what the season is,

That's the Life, I guess,

Blossom, Blossom! Autumn's on the way,

No more cheering and no more flourishing,

Sara Shahid.

Civil Engineer.