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Bloody Parsley: A Halloween Poem

Paul is an Engineer. A graduate from a Catholic University. A rebel and a romantic...

The sun has risen already at about five forty five

And all the bees are happily flying out from the beehive

Those pink little flowers bloom as if there’ll be no more strife

The birds are chirping as if only thin dew will bathe this knife.

Eleven forty-five : Everybody is busy cooking

The lunch to be served to the joker, the jack, the queen and king.

Breakfast will never be enough and now they are all starving.

Tic tac tic…Time’s running out…Look at them all salivating!

Tic tac tic…Bring out the jambalaya cooked in the clay pot

The food is so delicious, they’ll see bright stars and gold spots.

The kettle is whistling…Drown the tea bags in those yellow cups

If after sipping the tea they frown…Put sugar in the cup.

Five-forty five : Seems like dinner will be served extra early

This chopping board…those knives…that spoon they are all extra bloody

Where are the joker, the jack, the queen and king? Late or moody?

These cold cuts seems to have too much garnish aside from parsely?

And before I bite … Do answer my questions sincerely?

© 2018 Paul Balagtas

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