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Blitz Poetry: Together Forever

I'm an aspiring writer, poet, and author from the Philippines. Aiming to be a successful poet and author someday! :)


I imagined a couple who both live away from each other. May it be two different street, two different city or municipality, a distant relationship were it is so seldom they get the chance to meet at the center or to their usual meeting place.

Isn't it just so sad and lonely when the day has ended and you have to separate ways once again, say goodbye and meet again until the next time destiny and divine permits.

Life is so short, you can never tell if there'll still be next time that'll ever happen. Make the most out of it.

Together Forever ~ No More Goodbyes

Together Forever ~ A Blitz Poetry.

Until We Meet Again.
Until Fate Bring Us Back Together.
Together, we create new memories.
Together for a brighter future.
Future ahead of us maybe uncertain,
Future with you, let's take it somewhere.
Somewhere we can be happy.
Somewhere our love will last.
Last until the time we both achieve our dreams.
Last forever, so there'd be no more goodbyes.
Goodbyes that limits our time together.
Goodbyes that means it is time to separate ways.
Ways like how the sun and the moon would never meet.
Ways you make me smile every time.
Time will tell, when you and I will meet again.
Time comes, we'll fall in love once more with each other.
Other days, we'll be missing one another.
Other days, we just can no longer wait.
Wait for better days to come.
Wait for everything to happen at the right moment.
Moments shared will always be treasured.
Moments with you, are just so hard to resist.
Resist when you are trying hard to insist.
Resist when you are being persistent and consistent.
Consistent in giving me butterflies in my stomach.
Consistent in such ways you know I can't say no.
No way I can resist your irresistible charm!
No more fights needed, just food!
Food is the way to a lonely heart.
Food that makes tummy happy, keeps the heart happier.
Happier when there are plenty of foods.
Happier when you're around, making me feel loved.
Loved and showered with care, time, and utmost efforts.
Loved like the most important person to his/her life.
Life is always filled with blessings.
Life may be filled with abundance and eternal happiness.
Happiness is a choice.
Happiness is contentment and maturity.
Maturity is when you no longer have resentments.
Maturity is moving forward without a heavy heart.
Hearts that beats for one another.
Hearts that'll find their way back.
Back in each others arms, where they truly belong.
Back to where it all began and where love was found.
Found out that we are God's Present to one another.
Found someone finally I could Love Forever.
Forever, Let's see the end of this life-long journey together.
Forever, to eternal happiness and love.

"Always see each other as God's gift to one another, for when you see gifts, it sparks joy, gets you excited, and like magic as it seems, all worries, fatigue, pain, etc fades away when you receive gifts."- a piece of advice from the priest during the wedding of a family relative last Saturday.

Love is in the air indeed this February!

© 2022 Gianella Labrador

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