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Blissful Night

Hi! I write poetry, related or not to my life. So enjoy reading!


They finally have met. Months of talking online. Months of doubting each other's intentions. She finally met him. As nervous as she was, She didn't let it get her way. To show him the real her. To let him meet her truest self. Agreed to meet. When it was time, He called, Asking where was she. Both looking for each other And then found each other beside a stall. It was at that moment, She felt happy. Happiness. She could no longer hold it. So she showeed it to him By giving him a peck on the cheek. Shocked as he were. She was even more shocked. She is not big on public display of affection, But with him, she only felt like they are in their own world. Little touches from him Mkes her feel butterflies in her stomach, She notices every touch. From the waist, to her hands, to her face. It was nearly 11pm, When they got out of the movie theater. Still talking about a lot of stuffs. With her, sneaking glances at him. Late night walks as they call it. She then realized. He made her this happy. Even with the limited time that they have. She didn't really care. All she had thought about that night was him. As cliche as it may sound. Her head was fuzzy with happiness. Even now, That both are apart again. What she feels about him? She really likes him. She daydreams a lot. Thinking good thoughts. Thinking about their date. Oh what a blissful moment it was. She hopes and prays. This will last. For she feels secure when around him. and also because she loves him.

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