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My Dream

A girl wanting to make her life better and secure by achieving what she always dreamed of


I've started to feel alive again

thanks to the job I got,

Is it all that I was looking for?

No, my search never stopped.

I have had a long vision,

A big dream I need to fulfill

then only I'll rest a bit and

feel like I've achieved something

I must be feeling good now,

As the search of one thing is on hold

I've to focus on other things at hand

After achieving that, I'll lie, rest and be bold.


The bliss that I'll feel would be unforgettable I know

The day I achieve my goal, I'll achieve "nirvana" for sure

The dream of my life is what I dreamed about

Everyone would be proud, you shine too from above the clouds.

The day is not so far, I am getting closer to it every single day

I have been on rest for a very long time,

Now, its time to lose my sleep

and focus on my goals in order to sleep peacefully after that day.

© 2022 Parul Rawat

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