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Blink Twice a Love Poem

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Joweda is a poet and writer at Writers Guild Chuka, featuring his poems in several national newspapers, magazines, and anthologies.

It begun with a hi

With a smile a voice played

On her lips like a musical band

Her breathtaking eyes shining

Her emotional skin seducing

As the last embers of evening sun.

Chubby cheeks of a little child

A shallow curve on her cleavage

African mama blessed her waist

Round sensual hips kept alluring

Her short hair looked like a tease

This is just a drawing of a poem

She was an artistic figure to peck.

One, two, three if I kept on and on

More reasons to be happy, just the feeling

No wonder I can't paint words to describe

They say it's beautiful to be in love

But one thing glares than a diamond

When your love is planted like a seed

In a beautiful soul you kiss

Girl you make me blink twice

To check if this really is real

For the feeling keep on growing.



© 2021 Joweda

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