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Blinded by the Light


Although I know it's not true

I can't help but think you care about that phone more than me

Whenever I walk into your room, that phone has all of your attention

If I try to talk to you, your eyes remain glued to the flashing screen

If I don't speak at all, it's as if I don't exist

I can't help but wonder if you'd prefer I never enter your room at all

On the rare occasion that you leave your room, that phone is always between your fingers

Wires hold earbuds in your ear, forcing me to shout for your attention

I can't help but wonder if you prefer I say nothing at all

Car rides together feel so lonely

The things I point out aren't interesting enough to pull you away from the screen

The only time you speak first is when you ask if I can turn the radio down because you can't hear your phone

I can't help but wonder if you'd prefer I never brought you at all

Late at night as I get ready for bed

I try to say goodnight

I feel like I'm the only one in the room

I'm lucky if you respond with an "ok"

I can't help but wonder if you'd prefer your phone over me

© 2022 Wolfe Rygaard

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