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Blind Political Careerism in Leadership


Val enjoys writing prose in rhymes by always leaving a message of a life truism in each piece.

In Sheeplands Being So Many, Wolves Get to Be Elected to Lead.

In Sheeplands Being So Many, Wolves Get to Be Elected to Lead.


Have you ever wondered why the big players in global politics can't sit down and, once and for all, resolve their differences to establish a lasting harmonious coexistence on this planet?

A harmony that would include cooperation instead of competition, and friendly support instead of dirty games of coercion, sanctions (being just a nice name for economic terrorism) seizing others' territory, and deadly use of military.

Does it really look sane that the military budget by far surpasses others that are reserved for those basic human needs like health care and education? All because of the psychotic size of paranoia among leaders-in-conflict, not by the nations they are leading, since nations don't hate nations without an instigation of political propaganda.

I understand, we all got so used, even indoctrinated, into every version of international disharmony, so much so that it appears as a "normal" feature of coexistence on this planet.

But is it really so acceptable, or shouldn't it be seen as downright insane? Think about it with a fresh mind -- there they are, just a bunch of them leading millions, educated, with even more educated advisers in their respective fields -- and not making any sane sense of what they do.

It's like their careers are based on eternal conflicts, being so much more important than the people they are leading -- or should I say miss-leading. For, in truth, those are just some clear characteristics of an overblown ego with its strategies of survival thriving on those constant conflicts with made up "enemies of the people".

There is no morality, no altruism, no virtue in those games. In this 21st century, would it be really too much to expect them to mind the interests of the people instead of the interests of their careers, or their party's popularity?

Indeed, could we yank ourselves off the historical grip of animalitic glory of one Attila the Hun, Roman Empire, Sparta, Napoleon Bonaparte, and alike unholy legends not telling much about our being a race of one "homo sapiens"?

Well, it seems like nothing is to be changed in that department, all until-and-unless mankind's awareness evolves enough to start prioritizing a harmony with others and with our Mother Planet.

Someone has said: "Ego will sacrifice its own existence to prove its being right".

Not sane -- but right.

In the following three light-spirited pieces of rhymed prose, I am satirizing the insanity of political leadership.

Led by Some Clowns

In a circus better known as Earth

there are clowns known as leaders

this is just another story of their worth

merely for some laughs my dear readers.

Each and every clownish dude

well rehearsed to trigger laugh

with a role refined and shrewd

sometimes even looking tough.

Pretending is their main routine

earning them standing ovations

while they manage to stay clean

after so ably duping their nations.

And then there are all those acts

making them two-faced to the core

as they are signing those peace pacts

while keeping the world at brink of a war.

To have fun with all that bluffing

circus admission is always free

so is worrying, so is laughing

duped or able to really see.

As long as they pretend to lead

we can also pretend to follow

they are just a circus breed

heads smart yet so hollow.

Little Kids' Traits Political Style

There are expressions depicting kids' traits

funny when translated to all the political crap

in some you'll recognize global heavyweights

and others simply show how we never grow up.

"My father could kick the ass of your father"

turns: "we are the strongest force on earth"

seems like no game we would play rather

than be able to prove our military's worth.

"There is a boogieman hiding in the dark"

turns "dangerous foreign sinister forces"

so under same tree we collectively bark

it's even worth some learnt discourses.

"I beat on little Johnny just because I can"

"those of our own size we wouldn't touch"

looks like child's blueprint for macho man

reminding of our foreign policies so much.

"If you don't punch my nose, I won't kick your nuts"

"it's in our strategies main rule of engagement"

trying to use heads instead of crude guts

sounding like a prudent arrangement.

Now, there is this certain kids' trait

having to do with being color blind

which we, grownups, can't imitate

with our racial, hatred prone mind.

Devil's Renovations

Hey, did you hear about devil's renovations

some say getting old he can't stand the heat

so he's installed air condition with an intention

to make the hell competitive to heaven's retreat.

Ever since many politicians are doing their best

to qualify, putting their names on the waiting list

competing with criminals, thugs, and all the rest

including here and there some boy loving priest.

With all the lust and vice and similar attractions

hell is becoming much more of a place to retire

all one has to do is avoid any decent actions

as nothing else application would require.

I used to be indifferent about my final trip

even eager to convert dude with pitchfork

but now it's something that I'll gladly skip

so I am opting for company of good folk.

For long is the lineup in front of hell

of ordinary folks who will never get in

and yet as if being under a strange spell

they give standing ovations to those who sin.

In imagination they share that power

not seeing how they are taken for a ride

chanting slogans in front of hell's ivory tower

they worship a political idol as their heart's guide.

See you in heaven unless you'll be busy

carrying the luggage of your political ace

and in this meantime let's all take it easy

each practicing for our chosen final place.

© 2021 Val Karas

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