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Bless To Get Success


Bless To Get Success

When fulfilled gets our dream,

We grow our self-esteem.

We rely on external stimuli,

To make our confidence high!

When we accomplish our goals, we gain endurance,

Our life gets cheerful and is filled with exuberance.

Achievements give us power and make us feel that the whole world we can capture,

It leads to positivity and rapture.

Our self-doubt is reduced

We feel confident and no longer feel depressed and a recluse.

But it’s actually the other way round

It is when your self-esteem is high and yourself you never denounced,

When yourself you encourage and laud,

When yourself you cheer and applaud,

When yourself you always persuade.

And never put yourself down and upbraid.

When you are confident and never in despair,

Is when you will grow and never become impaired.

It is when to yourself your strengths you will confide,

And be filled with self-love and pride,

It is when in yourself you believe,

Your goals you will achieve.

We say achievements will end our conflict with ourselves and lead to peace,

Our aversion towards ourselves will cease.

Our fear we will be able to curb.

We will no longer feel negative and disturbed.

We will be cheerful and nonchalant.

And become confident and gallant.

But actually when our confidence is high and when ourselves we cheer and praise,

And with oneself have a relation of peace and solace.

And to encouraging ourselves we are accustomed,

And are positive, cheerful and not glum,

When ourselves we love and not resent,

When we are confident and not meek and reticent.

It is when we raise the roof,

And always respect ourselves and stay away from reproof,

It is when ourselves we bless and not curse,

When ourselves we love and not averse,

That's when we become capable to face any obstacle,

That's when we reach the pinnacle.


Shalini Jadhvani (author) from India on October 01, 2019:

Hi Brenda Ma'am, I am glad you liked this poem. Thank you! Yeah indeed confidence in oneself can take one to heights even when a thousand impediments come in our way. I just tried to pen down my thoughts in the most effective manner that I could and I am happy that you liked my write. Thank you ma'am once again. Good luck!

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on September 30, 2019:

So true, it is when we ourselves believe and have confidence.

Yet when we do succeed it does feel so rewarding.

Great write.

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