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Updated on November 10, 2017


Happily Ever After

LAUREN REYNOLDS just divorced her husband.
Goes on a blind date with JIM FRIEDMAN.
They meet at the Hooters restaurant.
The date goes bad but they want.
They want each other.
They discuss the date with co-workers.
Then agree that things could've been better.
They agree on another date.
In Africa, they have a second date.
They put their families together.
They then get together.
They meet GINGER & EDDIE.
While the rest are bonding.
Bonding with one another.
While their father and mother.
Get closer. They're falling in love.
Jim plays sports to keep them warmed up.
The kids then see him as a father figure.
The boys want him in the family picture.
Meanwhile, Lauren's with the girls.
She has a great impression on the girls.
Jim sees and takes notice.
That may be the girl he should be with.
Jim loves her impression on the girls.
Lauren, just maybe the girl.
The girl that can change his world.
They go to for a couples massage.
They have fun getting the massage.
Afterwards, Lauren is certified.
The girls love her and want her inside.
Inside of their home.
Singing the girls' bedtime songs.
While Jim sits back and sees.
That Lauren has qualities.
That his wife used to possess.
Jim lets his guard down and finally sees it.
On their last day in Africa.
Lauren decides to dress sexier.
At dinner that night.
She and Jim had dinner by candlelight.
They chat briefly about parenting skills.
Then kiss and give each other chills.
Jim suddenly pulls away.
He apologizes and explains.
That he just can't go through with it.
He leaves Africa then misses Lauren.
Jim has fallen in love.
His daughters feel it came from above.
The kids are ecstatic with the news.
Jim goes to her home sees bad news.
He sees her ex-husband Mark.
Mark is attempting to start.
Starts trying to make a move.
Which Lauren has to refuse.
She and Jim meet up again.
A new life together they begin.

Adam Sandler
Drew Barrymore

Frank Coraci


© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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