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Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 12 years.

Dear Santa Claus, I've been good this year

Minded my p's and q's everywhere I went

Didn't make as much of an impact as I thought

Stressed out of being the best foot soldier I can be

Flunked out of basic training due to high anxiety

And a desire to not get yelled at for breathing wrong way

Tired of going with the grain of Body Snatchers

Who felt nothing but the ground beneath their feet

Getting no pleasure out of running barefoot on the beach

Sand between your toes and waves just short of touching you

Found a rag tag group of misfits who had no filter

Or sense of decorum and was better off for it

Occasionally got burned by my so-called peers

Didn't care entirely because they knew what the trenches

Were all about: the pressure, the success and the disappointment

Also, playing the waiting game as computer programs go in and out

On a daily basis more often than everyone anticipated

Started to get a sense of not caring whether control

Was close at hand or further apart than ever

Like Klaus and Sunny Von Buelow

Before and after differing desires tore them apart

With a little touch of greed thrown in for good measure

Decided to not let all the white noise hamper my private parade

Feeling surprisingly calmer than ever before

A human equivalent to an ocean breeze

Hard to explain where this good natured disposition came from

It's not sunny, or bleak in the slightest

Just human nature shrouded in a comfortable sneaker reality

One that knows what reality is all about

Learning how to smile and express proper emotions

With this new natural or chemical based normal

Uncertain when that'll occur

Riding the waves in the meantime

And enjoying the journey until the tide smooths out

Which will happen sooner rather than later.

Time to enjoy some peaceful relaxation.

Time to enjoy some peaceful relaxation.

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