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Blame It on Love


I just spend an hour doing extremely nothing, just breathing and the regular blinks.
Found nothing to smile to really.
And I don't have trust issues, just blame it on love. I don't even trust me like i ought too.
I don't believe I was hurt, just crushed and squashed. So that me is really not here anymore. When am not myself, its because I can't be myself.
No anger issues. Just a mess most of the times. I don't really mean most of the things I say, so don't take it personally.
. I would willingly take a heart transplant, act like am starting over but this stupid brain will still be feeding lies to the newcomer. Too bad I can't have it cut off.
Its stupid I know although I won't admit it (literally) that maybe things will get to be different, at least once....
I don't even know whose fault it is really, just blame it on love.
. if I seem moody, just lay it all on love. Not my fault.
. if I seem blind, confused, blank or just lost just blame it all on love.
. I don't cry, nothing seems life changing anymore. I just lose it when I see people ' in love '... Ohh silly hearts.
If I never recover, don't mention 'love ' to me.


© 2020 Amani Utembu

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