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Black Hole: A Poem

Gel has been trying to write poems since she read Slammed by Colleen Hoover in 2013.

All these lights came from you.

All these lights came from you.

Black Hole

It all started with a simple advice Then we felt safe enough To spill all the tea One by one We've been friends for years We started resembling each other We're often mistaken as twins I was so thankful Because I hated myself so much It made me feel confident Whenever they think we're alike You're Ms. Congeniality, I'm just a nobody Years passed by, something went wrong And we almost didn't know Who we were anymore We were so lost So I kept on searching for anything bright But darkness kept on eating away The light I have managed to salvage Still, I kept on looking "We're in this together" I remember chanting that mantra As if to comfort myself Because deep down I know While I was desperately losing All of my starlights You were the one Who was wasting it away Until the little dazzles Were replaced with your gloom And it was too late When I realized In our own darkness I gave away All my light Just for you I lost the path I have treaded on When I walked these forests Alone Still you kept on demanding That I give you another ray You asked for too much And still I confer Until I faded to inexistence Became the darkness surrounding us You said you'll find a way to bring back my light But all you looked for is another way out

© 2020 Genne Arcangel

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