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Black and White

Black and white

Colours of the world exist,

Many and countless colors,

Beautify the world,

White presenting day,

Black presenting night,

Black and white

What a sight.

The evils all lurk around,

But pure powers are bound,

A problem with a solution,

Truely black and white.

White containing wave lengths of visible lights,

Black contains absence of visible lights,

Indeed, where there's absence, presence too makes a combination.

Love the color black and white.

White represents purity and innocence,

Black represents strength and confidence,

Many assume death and life,

Black and white.

The opposite of each,

Its how we preach,

Many have white out and black in the heart,

However, these fundamentals are important,

The mix with many content.

O black and white,

Color is descriptive

Black and white is interpretive,


© 2019 Fazeehafouzer


Mohamed on September 13, 2019:

Very nice

Adnan from Earth, Universe on September 11, 2019:

A very descriptive verse indeed...beautifully presented the significance and meaning of two of the most basic hues of the world...the way this verse presented the complementing nature of these colours was wonderful...nice write...Thanks for sharing ...!!

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