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Black Woman : Beauty and Strength

Samuel Malik Canty: the Word Bird. I am the author of Five Poetry Books, I understand my Purpose, and my words are my proof...


Black Woman

Do you really know how Beautiful you are?

Black Woman you were born majestic and you were selected by the Creator to be a shining example of beauty at its Highest Peak...

Do you know Black Woman that you possess a strength that others admire, even if they don’t confess, they know that You Are One of The Best.

Black Woman, Mother Earth, for centuries you have proven over and over again that there is no one quite like you.

Do you know Black Woman that the word Queen came from you when your presence first came into existence.

You have managed to hold your family together during difficult times, no female in history has taken as much abuse as you.

How you were able to keep your beauty in tact when everybody was trying to tear you down, remake you, taste and break you, shows the Strength that seeps through your pores.

Do you know Black Woman that the background is not the grounds you should be accustomed to, when I see you, wherever I see you, Please Walk Proud, Look Proud, keep Your Beauty beaming above the crowd.

You Represent Beauty and Strength, take time to notice because I did...

This is my Tribute to You, Black Woman, No matter which Shade that Dominates Your Face, You bring so much Beauty to Our Race...

The First Woman, The First Queen and the First to give Birth on The Earth are titles that belong to you Black Woman...

May these words find you and remind you, of Who You Really Are: Born to Be a Star...

© 2014 Malik S Canty

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