Black Nativity RHYMES

Updated on December 4, 2017

Merry Christmas to all. Remember to forgive

— Ryan Cornelius

Black Nativity

A mother NAIMA is evicted.
Right around Christmas.
He overhears her deciding.
To send her son away for Christmas.
He lets her know about it.
But she already made preparation.
Her teenaged son LANGSTON.
Is sent to live with his grandparents.
Before he leaves she sings.
He meets ISAIAH and he sings.
Upon his arrival.
He goes in a hotel to find where to go.
He sees a wallet a guest left.
Tries giving it back but is charged with theft.
He is then placed in jail.
He's later out on bail.
Bailed out by his grandfather.
Then given a brief tour of Harlem.
After the tour is over.
He meets his grandmother.
His grandparents are pastors.
Langston finds out moments after.
That his grandfather walked with history.
Langston was to be apart of history.
Langston goes back for the artifact.
He pockets the artifact.
He gets caught in the act.
But still has the artifact.
He sees carolers singing.
He lays down at night dreaming of singing.
When he wakes he walks the streets.
Some new friends he meets.
Some old friends he sees.
Then goes in a shop and try pawning.
Tries pawning the artifact he stole.
But the owner reveals that he knows.
That he knows where it came from.
Asking the boy if he thought he was dumb.
Then offering to let him walk.
Then meeting an old friend while he walked.
Langston then gets home.
Questions his grandma in the home.
While hie The Rev finds the Artifact's missing.
Langston is busy Questioning.
Questioning his grandmother about his mom.
Wondering why Rev. pushed off his mom.
Later, his mom calls him.
While Aretha tries to convince him.
To convince him to go to church.
Eventually, it works.
He sees some familiar faces.
Then sleeps and dreams he's apart of it.
Before he wakes he understands the purpose.
He then leaves the church.
To meet the man so he'd work.
The man shows him a gun.
Langston then takes the gun.
Then tries holding the man up.
Then finds who he's really holding up.
That man is really his father.
He later sees his mother.
They go to his grandfather.
Gets a confession from his grandfather.
They end up forgiving each other.
Then live happily ever after.

Forest Whitaker
Angela Basset
Tyrese Gibson
Jacob Latimore
Jennifer Hudson
Luke James
Mary J Blidge

Kasi Lemmons


© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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    • clivewilliams profile image

      Clive Williams 4 months ago from Jamaica

      Yeah, nice rap rhymes.