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Black Lives Matter - A Poem


This is for the countries that have been stolen,
covered in the blood of natives.
For the countries that have had its people stolen,
and sent somewhere else to be treated inhumanly.

This is for the black lives that have been affected.

There’s a history too dark and bloody to be proud of
for many countries worldwide.
It’s a history too painful to look at, but we must.
It’s something we must face and it’s something we must make up for.
Yes, that means you and me.
All of us.

Black lives matter.

We have let this go on too long,
we have turned a blind eye to what has been happening,
so now we must make a change.

Why has it taken us so long for us to acknowledge that black lives matter!

The pain of the past is too heavy for people to carry any longer,
it is a pain that has been in their hearts for far too long.
And as pain turns to rage we will be standing right beside them
feeling their pain and anger,
and protecting them from injustice,
from discrimination,
from hate
because black lives matter!

We are here to make a change and that is what we will do,
if you refuse then you will burn with the old world
as the rest of humanity steps into a better one.
If you hold any hatred in your heart towards any race of humans
may the flames of their rage engulf you completely.

No lives matter until black lives matter!

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