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Black History Poems


Black history is a long and detailed story. It has many twists and turns. For decades now, the history has been celebrated through laws, academic books, a month and with written word such as poetry.

Today, I will pay homage to the notable piorneers of positive change as well as to try my hand at describing the plight of blacks as a people and community. If you enjoy my work, please leave a comment in the section below.


The history painful like


Poverty once severe as

African huts

Black like

the dreary

night sky

A nation

A people now

living the

American dream

rising from the

nightmare of




Kamala Harris

She sits at the table

well dressed with

a noble title

The glass ceiling has broken


Her speech intelligent

straight forward and brief

A character undefined

as she sits at the table

Dr King

The audacious man did not

try to deceive himself

But rather break the shackles

of racism and dress it with a belt

of love

His inner armor of righteousness

has shined through hatred

jagged core

Erasing some of its edges

until it lurked no more

Rosa Parks

The quiet breeze in which

we all feel at night

A mother who gave birth

to the fight

for equal rights

The legend,

among many


A warrior who sat down so

blacks could stand up and


that they could do anything

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