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Black Hair Poems


Black hair has been the topic of much debate. It is sometimes quite hard to explain the uniqueness of the hair type. Curly and kinky hair is often very difficult to style since it takes much time to maintain. The poetry, I wrote below shines light on the hair type and its uniqueness.

I penned these poems in my spare time. Poetry enables me to conquer many fears. I like to write on a range of subject matters. It is the thing that keeps me busy. If you like my work, feel free to follow me here on hub-pages. Thanks again for taking the time to read my hub.

Unapologetically Coarse

My hair is unapologetically coarse

It is a tremendous force

to be reckoned


When straighten it looks silky

and smooth

My hair is a go go song

wrapped up in one big

curly fro which is

hard to do

His Hair

His hair was kinky but curly

It woke and rose early to a

fragile mess

His hair looked depressed

But it had its good moments

where it shined like diamonds

in a ruff to impress

and show

the whole world

its ego

Black Hair

Black hair is a movement of its own

It is brave to take heat from a hot comb

The follicles are as fragile as life itself

Black hair cuts and struts

through change a thousand


It is a lion in her prime

Black hair

Self Portrait

Could I be surreal

It seems quite likely

I dance a little jazz

I speak poetry

My hands write vividly

A self portrait

no hairstyle can explain