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Bittersweet Shades of Almonds

The mascot is a student Engineer, studying for a B.eng degree at Futo Nigeria. He loves turning calculated thoughts into beautiful lines.

The irony of life is such that a man's gain might be another man's loss, and the other way round. Just like an almond tree that shades lovers and loners all the same, at differnet tides.



Beaneath a magical shade of almonds, love blossomed. Beaneath a lonely shade of almonds, sweet lovers turned bitter foes, the pain of faded love. Beaneath the crimson light of perfect moon shine, a beautiful almond shade stands tall and still, giving off a tranquil grey of shades, subject to the change in seasons. Some called it bitter, others called it sweet, neither of them were wrong. They prolly came at different tides, such is life!

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