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Birthdays Feelings

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Birthdays Feelings

Another year is back
I no longer can leapfrog this day
Where my body squeals on me
from the time I woke up to
until now:

melanin, flawless, caramel skin
transparent for you to view my friends;
Face ageless: mind intone to poetry.
Every Nano second counting down to dust
By the grace of the almighty:

the loud notification bell rang the old
Familiar tone: from my well wishers

The thousands of unwanted gray hair

Cover with silky black, to match the age

Of my face: my smile all cover with

Reassurance of knowing that I am going to

Be alright today: the loud notifications

Keep on coming, and I feuding? Nope!

I am releasing a happy energy

Called: I am alive and doing great

I have reach the good old age of ……………(:)

Here I am once again: unscrambling
The word birthday
Happy birthday to me

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