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Birthday Poems for the Soul


Birthday Candles

The time has arrived to blow out your

birthday candles

Make a wish and count to three

Fill this day with hope and glee

The fountain of youth

Bask in it in all you do

Let not old age stop your glow

The candles lie before you

Time to put on a show

in front of all your admirers

Its your day

Let your happy birthday song


as you

blow out the candles

Birthday Celebration

My heart is a stadium

My soul a shelter of hope

This moment is mine's forever

A birthday celebration

I mark it with gratitude

I wish

I wish you the best this day

I wish to dry your tears away

I hope you have peace and happiness

because you deserve it

Happy birthday

Live life to the fullest

and never forget where

You came from

Dear love one

I hope your joy never part

Because i wish you the best

From my heart


You were beautifully created

By the most high lord

Every inch of you is a gemstone

Your birthday marks the day you

became a living soul

Cherish this moment forever like

the light of your youth

Let's celebrate

Let's raise our glasses and make a toast

in all good things let us boast

Old age and summers heat

Lets paint the day with something unique

Like this moment when life began

Let the good times have no end

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