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Birthday Missed

I thought it would not hurt me,

To miss your birthday sweetie,

I thought it would not hurt me,

Not to see you celebrate your birthday .

For this distance, kills me softly.

The truth still remains to be,

That I am nothing without your celebration,

And so are you without my celebration,

In distance from home we may be,

But my heart closely holds you here.

I have to say I long for you,

To hold and kiss in happiness,

And watch you celebrate your birthday,

For it's a shame I won't shine with you,

As you turn a year older love,

For a birthday felt in distance.

Make merry to the rising Sun love,

And fly in the sky like the sweet dove,

Letting the air caress your heart,

As you think of us together,

And hold hands along the Sandy beaches,

Celebrating our first birthday sweetie,

And kiss as the sun slowly sets.

In distance from thee I may be my love,

Not able to celebrate your birthday,

In mine heart you will honourly beat,

To add love to my missing love,

With whom am separated by distance.


© 2020 Millicent Okello

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