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Mother Nature's Creation

Mother Nature's Creations

Mother Nature's Creations

Mother nature I just cannot get enough of you, your pretty flowers in a dress of full bloom, every day around from morning till noon,
Trees with branches filled with leaves moving so gracefully from the wind's gentle breeze.
Plants and grass in the early morning full with nothing else but dew, seedlings burstings the soil from a birthing of new.

The birds in high air all making their way to some nesting and feeding fields, singing so sweetly and carefree.

Bird's Sweet Songs

Bird's Sweet Songs

I can hear birds in the distance I see birds in full view, songs of sweet chirping are always pleasing to me and you.

Soft tone and light, an echoing of what's right.

All from their spontaneous voices in ways, that can be heard everywhere.

Flying in the air or standing on a branch somewhere, sweet songs will be always playing, the melody from birds that they are always giving.

© 2019 The Eloquent Heart Writer

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