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Birds, Squirrel, Chipmunk and the Chicken From Next Door

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A Variety Act

A lot like the Gong Show

Each doing their own thing

All wanting the same food

The bird feeder I fill and hang

Each trying to get it before the other

Nobody fighting for it

The birds fly in and peck away

When the squirrel comes running across the lawn

Off they go

The squirrel climbing up on top of the railing

Leaping down on to the bird feeder

Then comes a Chipmunk racing across our deck

Under a bush you can see a chicken

Digging away and zig zagging back and forth

Slowly walking in this direction

An animal act different than any other

Each focused on food

Instinctively they all know there is enough to go around

One animal taking time to eat

Then the birds come back when all is quiet

To bad we as people can't learn from the birds and the animals

We are suppose to be more intelligent

Sometimes I just don't know

Every day I see how nature graciously reminds us

There is another way that works

All we have to do is be willing and able

Then reality could be so much different

Than what we see on the news and through out the world

I view I would proudly could call my home