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Birds Flock Together In Beautiful Harmony

My name is Ruby. I live in Southern Illinois. I love to write poetry, short stories and flash fiction. I am a retired R.N.

Today I was pleasently entertained by the birds who faithfully come to eat at my feeder all year long.

A bird enjoying the seeds at the feeder

A bird enjoying the seeds at the feeder

Watching The Birds, Pigeons, and Squiggly The Squirrel Eat At My Feeder Today Gave Me A peaceful Feeling Of Serenity

I seem to hear a voice when the birds sing so freely

They hop and flutter around the feeder so effortlessly

Pigeons patiently waiting when the birds share happily

I poured some granola on the ground to see if they would like the taste

No way would they go near it, but Squiggly my squirrel didn't let it go to waste


The Birdbath Is A fun Place, Full Of Activity

Soon it will be warm enough for my humming birds to arrive

That's when my bird pen comes alive

ah, summertime, a time for rebirth

Easter flowers emerging beautifying the earth

It's been so cold, I haven't filled the birdbath yet

The birds are letting me know " Best not to forget "

They hop all around the rim and look at me as if to say

" Get off your butt and fill it, perhaps today? "

So I guess I'll drag out that ole watering hose

Fill it to the rim, then hopefully they will let me take a doze.

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