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Bird Power

Watching Them Can Be So Much Fun

Here I am

Barely awake and still breathing

I think

When to my surprise

The bird feeder caught my eye

There were two birds

That led to three

Before you know it there was a handful

Many blackbirds and a few sparrows

Flapping their wings

Landing and taking off

A mini airport I tell you

Each moving at a frantic pace

Snows on the way

They are getting their last fill

I noticed the feeder was low

So I went out just before ten to fill it up again

This time I went bird seed crazy

I sprinkled it on the grass

Tossed it high in the air

A little here and a little there

I looked around no birds could be seen

Where they are I am not sure

Why they haven't come back

For what reason I don't know

The first two birds have landed

Maybe they were scouts to check out the area

See if the coast is clear

About three minutes later

One more bird has touched down

Then soon after they all took flight

I noticed off in a distance

The birds were back

Hoping back and forth

Pecking away at the ground

All is quiet and still

Now I see two birds under a bush

A few more have joined the ranks

Then off into the trees they hide for cover

I can hear them squawk

In the next instant they all seem to disappear

Only to reappear somewhere else

That was a beautiful morning pick me up

Watching the birds feast

Good entertainment for a very low cost

They captivated my interest

Giving me a chance

To get my gears turning

They amused our cat Charlotte

Better than her favorite cat toy

Can you imagine that

The birds seen me coming

Off they went

They haven't been back since

A little breeze has picked up

One little bird has landed

Then a second one followed

Each taking a chance

A few nibbles then I'm out of here