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Bipolar (Manic Episode)

In effort to reach out did I discover that bringing awareness and acknowledgement to mental health is more than half of the solution

I want to write about something real;
I want to write about the pain
I need to write, I need to speak the truth
First, I lie to myself
I think there is a definition to normal
I thought the world was a playground and people were my playthings
My heart is broken
I know yours is broken too
We do hold purpose
I still think the world is a playground,
That may never change.
People are just people
I have hurt many
What is real, is my love
I have been an error, A mistake and a weapon of pure and natural destruction yet,
I am not a weapon,
I have been
I am not to blame yet I am apart of the cause
My focus is this solution
It has been dark for you I know
It has been dark for me too
Maybe nothing will save us all;
Maybe a poem will save just one.

© 2020 Christa Canady