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Bipolar Disorder: The Demon Inside My Head


The Demon In My Head

There's a demon that lives inside of me, his name I do not know.

He haunts me and he tortures me, but he will never let me go.

He talks to me in my brain, he says I'm his to keep.

He shows me horrible, scary things and takes away my my sleep.

I see his face the evil red eyes red eyes, the long and wicked horns.

His pointed teeth and bloody claws around my soul adorn.

I know he isnt really there. its all in my mind,

but he always comes to look for me again, time after time.

Always with that evil smile, he beckons me to come,

the the fear takes over me .....I cant even run.

He takes me down unspeakable paths to places I've never been,

places that upset my soul , he comes back again and again.

my skin is cold and clammy, he holds his hand in mine,

the devil has taken over me, he shows me pleasured sin.

I never want to come back to here , but I know he'll come again.

Theres a demon that lives inside of me his name I do not know,

but the one thing I am sure of.....He will never let me go.

© 2022 christalluna1124

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