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Billy Bally Bash

Billy Bally Bash

Billy Bally Bash

He's the one that wears the sash.

I might have known he'd taunt the crowd

with gestures wild and words so loud.

I saw him sitting still just once

Our teacher made him sit, the dunce.

Foolish he was, and foolish he is,

An ice cold soda without the fizz.

Billy Bally Bash

But fools there are who like his trash

With his sash and his charisma...

Billy Bally Bash, sir.


People who play the fool aren't always the fools people perceive them to be.

For some it is their natural role. Others do it for a living, and some do it to get elected.

The rest of us can join their crowds for the entertainment and the excitement that reading and friendly lunches just can't duplicate.

The buffoon need portray not wisdom, nor substance; nor does the buffoon need to dress conservatively or correctly. Buffoons just need to put on their show and act to people's expectations of their buffoonery.

When the sash is awarded and authority bestowed, the buffoon has two choices: continue the foolishness, or if possible show that the buffoonery was just cleverness, and do something good for the crowd.

In America's case, the crowd has great hopes for the buffoon's cleverness and determination to make a positive difference.

Time will tell whether the award of the sash was a good thing or not... perhaps for more than just the Americans.

© 2017 Demas W Jasper

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