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Bilal's Poetry

It is about Sufism and Islamic Philosophy. My thoughts on Sufism and Islamic love are contained in this poetic article.

My Poetry


Those talks of Religion

Those talks of Spirituality

Change them.

Build a valley of your dreams

Build some thoughts of the seas

Have some talks about science

Explore the universe.

Change yourselves.

Follow your heart.

Go wherever it takes you.

Reside in that place.

Never come back.


Live in the present

For the Love of God,

Leave this pitiful thinking.

For the Love of God,

Start to think Positive

.For the Love of God,

forget the past and move on.

For the Love of God,

leave the feelings of Nausea.

For the Love of God

start to work with Love.

For the Love of God,

Live in the Present.

For the Love of God,

eliminate fear from your life.

For the Love of God,

help and love each other.

For the Love of God,

whatever field you choose,

just remain "inside the game"

For the Love of God,

Whether you are a Philosopher,

Whether you are looking for logical explanations for your self,

Whether you are a scientist,

Whether you are a show-mender,

For the Love of God,

be the Perfect of what you are.

Try to be the Best of Whatever you are.


Some Urdu Poetry

Aao Aao ay Mehboob

k Raqs k din jatay hain

Aao Aao ay mehboob

k muhabbat aur ishq k din aty hain

Aao Aao k sabar karta hai mominAao Aao k loot leta hai mehfilAao AaoBas Ajao Bas Aao k qudrat dhoondta hai apnay khazanon KoBas Aao k Sharab k mehfilein sajti haiBas Aao k Maikhana Sar e Aam Khulta Hai

Aao Aao k mein tum ko tum se milata hoon

Aao Aao k may mein ab hi thora maza hai

Aao Aao K Mera Watan Ab bhi mera ghar hai

Aao Aao k Mehfil Saji Hui Hai

Aao Aao k mein raat din tumhara hoon

Aao k jaan jaan se milti hay

Aao Aao k mein is lamhay

Is Khayal mein doob chuka hoon

K Ay Jaan e Janah

Tum Kahan ho

Tum kon ho

Tum kesi ho

Tum Kia Ho

Aao Aao k Saji hai ik mehfil

Is raat is hi din tumharay naam ki.


What If?

What if the secrets of the World

are revealed in an instant

What if, what we hope, what we think, what we imply...

were never recorded.

What if?

What if everything was just

saved in a world


So mighty, so glorious

What if?

What if Angels never existed?

What if God was never there?

They say, "God never existed,

It's your thought.

You are living in an Infinite


merely existing."

But should God exist?

My dearest, Beloved

Once said,

"He should exist...

because there is a phenomenon

called ~Evidence of Absence~"

What if the secrets of the World

are revealed in an instant

What if, what we hope, what we think, what we imply.

were never recorded.

© 2021 Bilal Rajab


EK Jadoon from Abbottabad Pakistan on March 12, 2021:

مجھے کن سے کر تو قریب تر

مجھے اپنے گھر کی گدائی دے

مجھےاس جہاں سے غرض نہیں

مجھے اس جہاں کی رسائی دے

well explained poetry, Bilal rajab.

Misbah Sheikh from The World of Poets on March 12, 2021:

Love Humanity, for the love of Allah

Some urdu from my side too...

Wo tanha kon hai Allahu Allah

Mehreban woh kon hai Allahu Allah

And here comes Arabic

Hasbi rabbi jallallah

mafi qalbi ghairullah

Welcome to HP


manatita44 from london on March 12, 2021:

A lot if what if's and other inspirational ideas. Sweet!

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