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Big Problems Need More Time

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No Matter How Difficult It Can Be

There are solutions we don't see

At first the problem may seem impossible

This will be a challenge

Don't get discouraged and outraged

As easy at it may be

We only complicate the matter

That slows us down and leads us down the rabbit hole

Then even if an answer is not coming to mind

We may have to change our train of thought

This problem might have been a repeat problem from your past

Automatically your body might go into defense mode

Any change in your situation ?

We are looking for a small change

Something we didn't see before

We might need a trouble call

A fresh set of eyes

Where we have to send in the big guns

That is anyone else you know that you can run the problem by them

Sometimes we get bounced around

It can really shake us up

Put us off our game

We need to keep our head in the game

Lets try this one again

Bare with me

It is good to bounce things off each other

We have to handle it professionally

We can do some trouble shooting from here

There might be a time

When your at home

In the shower

In bed

How this works

In a recap we still have no solution

An idea will pop in your head

Like someone whispered in your ear

So the more relaxed and ready to listen for answers

The better we will be

Two unrelated things may come together

Sometimes our systems crash

Just like a computer

We can have eternal issues

Think for a second

All the problems we have solved in the past

The odds are in our favor

We will solve this one too

Keep thinking

I write down even the silliest ideas I have

Off to a good nights sleep

I find when I am tired

I get edgy and really hot tempered

We all need a break

Back to my problem tomorrow

No results as of yet

I am hopeful

That something good will happen

Let me know if how your problem is going also?

Maybe we can find an answer for each other

© 2021 DREAM ON

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